Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back With The Right Attitude

Published: 23rd June 2011
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If you've ever had a relationship break apart because of something you said, you know that it could be devastating if your efforts to patch up your relationship don't work. How to win your ex back is by evaluating what you said that caused the break up.

The most important thing is that you are sincere. If you are faking your apology he probably notices that, and then all of your chances ever get him back will disappear. Being sincere is the best way to win his trust back.

The best way to indicate your sincerity is to plan your apology. Make it an event. If he loves your cooking find a way to include his favorite meal. If you can make the apology over a meal, invite him to lunch or dinner.

Don't use candle lights, just entertain in normal lighting. Use your best dishes and glasses. You can serve wine if it goes with the meal. Prepare the dinner and set up the evening so that you can set aside time to explain yourself and make your apology.

If he refuses to be alone with you, invite him to lunch in a nice restaurant which has some privacy in their seating arrangements. Once seated look him in the eye and explain yourself clearly, no tears. Men often feel manipulated by women who cry. Try not to cry no matter how emotional you feel.

It's OK if your voice cracks because you are near tears, just don't cry. Do not let tears form and fall down your cheeks. The goal is to appeal to his memory of the good times between the two of you. Take him down memory lane, remind him of moments that were light and carefree. Make him laugh and wonder why he left.

You might not win him over with one meeting, but as long as you get him thinking, you will have started the process. By being his undemanding friend, you are slowly reminding him of the things he really likes about you. You're also telling him that you still want to be a part of his life.

It is important that you let him make the first romantic move. Your job is to make him aware of that you are willing to get back together with him. You can touch him gently when it is appropriate, but that's it.

Being a friend with your ex boyfriend can help you to get him back. Be there for him in case he needs you. You can, for example, help him with some normal everyday activities, such cleaning or grocery shopping.

Be patient and let the time to do its job. If your past relationship was based on love, he will take you back sooner or later.


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